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Grab a quick 15-minute online Q&A session with Thomas for some advice.

Thomas Budge works online in conveniently similar time zones, like Eastern USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, and the Indian Ocean Islands. These short question and answer sessions are 15 minutes long, and give you a chance to get some quick, free advice.

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What questions may I ask?

Thom tries to answer any relevant question you may ask. You can ask him about the way forward if you are choosing to work with him; you may ask him for personal advice on any topic, be it about relationships, spirituality, or other social issues; you can seek his quick advice about your habits, compulsiveness and addictions; or you may even ask him tough questions about your place and purpose in the universe.

Prepare your question beforehand, as we will ask for it during the booking process. This gives Thom enough planning time to answer you as fully as he can.

How much time do I have?

Your free short Q&A chat with Thom is strictly 15-minutes long.

Will my question be recorded and shared?

Sometimes, depending upon the nature of the question, Thom may seek your permission to record and share it publicly. However, we shall never record, and we shall never share, any session without your express permission to do so.

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