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Discover transformative resources co-created by Thomas Budge and Yvonne Munshi. Gain insights into addiction, compulsive behaviors, and therapeutic skills.

Dive into transformative resources co-created by Thomas Budge and Yvonne Munshi, designed to aid addicts, their loved ones, and hypnotherapists worldwide. Gain insights into the roots of addiction, compulsive behaviors, and their effects on the brain. These invaluable tools offer support for overcoming addiction, managing compulsive habits, and enhancing therapeutic skills. With over 35 years of combined experience in hypnotherapy, coaching, and NLP, Thomas and Yvonne empower individuals to break free from substance abuse, behavioural compulsions, and other addictive tendencies.

A basic definition of addiction is one's inability to say no.

Thomas Budge and Yvonne Munshi created a set of powerful resources to help addicts, their loved ones, and fellow hypnotherapists worldwide. Knowledge is key to understanding the underlying causes of addiction, obsessive habits, and impact this has on the brain. These invaluable resources are there for anyone struggling to overcome addiction and compulsive habits, for those that are affected by others' addictions and compulsiveness, and for those who care to better their skills as therapists.

Entrenched habits and addictive tendencies take many forms: One such form is the abuse of substances like sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs; other forms include behavioural compulsions like unrestrained use of social media, obsessive sex, pornography, gambling, shopping, cosmetic surgery, and even certain forms of sport.

Thomas and Yvonne have some 35-years combined experience in hypnotherapy, with adjunct skills in coaching and NLP. Thomas is an award-winning hypnosis teacher, and Yvonne has studies in addiction management and biopsychology.

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Reference Books

Veteran hypnotherapists and lifestyle coaches, Yvonne Munshi and Thomas Budge co-authored the trilogy of books, Habits & Addiction: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and present their material as reference handbooks, which are highly suitable material for a variety of courses and workshops.

Addiction Science Essentials
Models of the Mind
Hypnotherapy Mastery

Three-volume set, 6" x 9", Softcover Paperback

A complete subject reference for every hypnotherapist.

Back in May 2019, just before the start of the Covid pandemic, Yvonne and Thomas chose to publish this material as one book under the title, Addiction: Life Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. However, it became clear that by limiting the information in Models of the Mind and Hypnotherapy Mastery solely to the theme of addiction, detracted from what could be shared. The decision was then taken to split the original material into these closely related books, thereby allowing more scope and material to be presented.

The Team

Yvonne Munshi

Yvonne is at the forefront of Addiction Hypnotherapy with studies from the University of Adelaide in Biopsychology and Addiction Science. A large part of her work is with recovering addicts. She is a motivational speaker at rehab centres and schools on the topic of Addiction. Her contribution to this workshop is immense having spent over ten years sifting through reams of research and other published articles on addiction. A lot of the information on the internet is utterly misleading and ill-informed, but one does find occasional well-considered papers that are not well-known to the public. Yvonne brings this evidence-based fact and insight to the subject. She demonstrates how the brain adjusts to addictive behaviour and substances. She knows that as a therapist, one can only formulate a reliable approach to addiction once one has a workable, basic scientific knowledge of the neuroscience that underpins it.

Thomas Budge

Thomas is a Certified Hypnotherapist and an accredited Hypnotherapy Lecturer and Designated Examiner. He is one of South Africa's foremost hypnotherapists and has, for the past two decades, run one of the country's busiest professional hypnotherapy consultancies. Thomas is well-known in hypnotherapy circles, both locally and abroad. He is the founder of the South African Guild of Hypnotherapists, he taught many of South Africa's most established practitioners and has received international award and acclaimed for his work in the field of hypnotherapy. In his refreshingly unconventional approach to hypnosis, Thomas makes a huge contribution by taking hypnosis way beyond the conventional classroom.

Private Masterclass Tuition

Thomas and Yvonne enjoy training other professionals.

Should you, and a group of your hypnotherapy friends, wish for Thomas and Yvonne lead a private masterclass course in Habits and Addiction, then please feel free to make contact with us using the [ Email ] facility at the bottom of this page. For us to schedule your request, you must be willing to arrange the venue, cover their travel and subsistence expenses in advance, and compensate them fairly for their expertise, time and effort.

Pop us a request and we'll be in touch to see how we can make this a reality.

A Certificate of Completion is issued to hypnotherapists who complete the Habits and Addiction masterclass training course with Yvonne and Thomas, and the Certificate of Proficiency is offered to those who go beyond the tutorship to demonstrate their complete grasp and understanding of the subject material.

Head across to our referrals section for a list of some of the people whom Thomas and Yvonne have had the privilege of teaching. If you are in need of help, we highly recommend consulting with any one of them for advice and therapy for compulsive habits or addiction.

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