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Seeking inspiration, or needing a private hypnotherapy appointment with Thomas Budge? You've come to the right place. Thom is your number one go-to-guy for expert advice on relationship issues, managing anxiety, personal problems, addictive behaviour, sexual matters, and other lifestyle challenges.

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Thomas W E Budge, C.Ht.

Often hard to beat, life is a game dictated by nature. Most of the time, we figure out the rules for ourselves. We choose where to take risks without losing everything, and where we ought to be cautious without being weak. There are times when life leads us down sinister passageways that go nowhere — dank places where predators thrive. At such times, when we have the most to lose, the reassuring sound of a kind voice, the glimmering hope emanating from a beam of light, a kind touch, a little strategic advice, become the catalysts we need to bravely press on.

Seeking help is a sign of strength, especially when our problems are greater than our skill to solve them. Thomas Budge has over twenty years experience in the field of clinical hypnotherapy and has helped thousands of people who needed a little professional, confidential and useful assistance in their times of need. Let him help you.

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